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The Trailblazers of Indian Theatre

A person who holds a pen is nothing less than a warrior that person is not just a warrior but also a changemaker who has the power to fight all the negativities which can stop the growth of society and to create a thought process in the minds of the masses through their art. Theatre is an art form that has been cherished by audiences for ages. Being a land of culture, India has always flourished with love for this art form, There was a time when people in the past showcased plays based on mythological scriptures especially Ramayana and Mahabharata to spread the values among the people. Then There was the era when historical plays were celebrated a lot in our country, these plays were mostly based on the life episodes of great kings and queens. As time changed audiences were fascinated by scriptures from the west too…Shakespeare was not a foreign name anymore… Indian theatre has flourished with great stories throughout the centuries. Nation has been blessed by great visionaries who are also great playwrights. These playwrights have been a major source of inspiration to the masses. Revolution and evolution have always been the root of different artistic perceptions, lets's meet those revolutionaries, Indian Playwrights who did wonders with their vision.

1. Mohan Rakesh

Mohan Rakesh is widely considered one of the most important Hindi playwrights of the 20th century. His plays offer a realistic and nuanced portrayal of middle-class life in India. He is considered one of the pioneers of the Naya theatre movement in India, and his plays are known for their striking realism and social commentary.

Notable playwrights: Ashadh Ka Ek Din (A Day of Ashadh) in 1958, Lahron Ke Rajhans (Swans of Waves) in 1963, Aadhe-Adhure (Half and Incomplete) in 1969, and Pair Tale Ki Zameen (The Ground Below the Feet) in 1973.

2. Girish Karnad

A very versatile playwright who has written in both Kannada and English. His plays often deal with the complexities of Indian society and politics. A powerhouse of Indian theatre, Karnad is known for his experimental and biting plays that often tackle social and political issues. He was conferred Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan by the Government of India.

Notable Playwrights: Tughlaq in 1964, Hayavadana in 1971

3. Vijay Tendulkar

He is one of the most acclaimed Indian playwrights, known for his hard-hitting and often controversial plays. His plays deal with different types of subjects, ranging from the caste system to women's rights. Tendulkar is considered one of the most influential playwrights of his generation, and his plays are known for their unflinching exploration of controversial subjects.

Notable Playwrights: Silence! the Court is in Session 1967, Sakharam Binder1972, Ghashiram Kotwal1972, Mitrachi Goshta 1981

4. Badal Sircar: He is a revolutionary playwright who pioneered the concept of street theatre in India. His plays are known for their simple but powerful language and the ability to connect with common people.

Notable Playwrights: Evam Indrajit in 1963, Three Plays: Procession/Bhoma/Stale News (1985), Beyond the Land of Hattamala and Scandal in Fairyland (1992).

5. Mahesh Dattani

He is a leading contemporary playwright known for his thought-provoking and moving plays. His plays often deal with sensitive subjects such. Dattani is one of the most celebrated Indian playwrights writing in English and is known for his incisive and thought-provoking plays.

Notable Playwrights: Where There's a Will 1988), Dance Like a Man (1989), Bravely Fought the Queen (1991), Final Solutions (1993), On a Muggy Night in Mumbai (1998), Seven Circles Round The Fire (Radio play for BBC), Where Did I Leave My Purdah (2012), The Big Fat City (2012).


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