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The journey of life is incomplete without art and culture and we at the Veda factory completely adhere to this statement as we celebrate art in every stage of our existence. Veda Factory has been based in Mumbai since 2018 with an axiom to preserve and elevate the culture of art encapsulating diverse art forms like theatre, music, poetry, and comedy.

The philosophy behind the name ‘Veda factory’ is the functionality of wisdom and knowledge which flourishes in artistic aptitude. Being exceptionally devoted and deferential towards the art we have a vision of being a powerful source of energy that inspires artists to explore and experiment with their craft. We immensely believe in the magic of art and we strive to fuel the artistic focus on their unique capabilities. 


To escalate the experiences of the creative minds Veda Factory extends its effort by providing different vicinities like…

VEDA KUNBA THEATRE is a  theatre space with a seating capacity of 224+ hundred people with great technical set up.

VEDA  BLACK BOX  is an intimate experimental place for theatre enthusiasts to perform. 

VEDA LIVE is a compact space for rehearsals, workshops, and masterclasses. 


As we believe in creating a vivid and magnificent ambiance for people who aim to contribute to the soaring of art and culture, we transcend to

VEDA CAFE - A perfect place for your cravings with delicious treats which  might fuel your artistic thoughts.

VEDA CO-WORKS - A co-working space destined for artists and other people to indulge with their creative ideas.


We aim to carve and transmit the respect, perception, and affection we have for art and culture in the hearts of the masses!



With a vision of empowering art enthusiasts and boosting the spirit of theatre, our founder Sampat Singh Rathore created Veda Factory, a perfect space accessible to people who live and breathe art. He has been in the vanguard of making theatre spaces in a chaotic city like Mumbai. He is an art enthusiast with multiple feathers on his hat. Be it producing ads, films, and YouTube videos or creating numerous creative places for different artistic areas. He has excellent creative and practical aptitude that reflects in all his ventures.

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