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The excellent start that Makrand Deshpande made with the band 'Mandi House' continued till the end of the show. Mandi House mesmerized audiences on the eve of Valentine's Day. After that, An evening was named after Piyush Mishra. Piyush Ji, who composed famous songs like 'Ek bagal me chand hoga...' and 'Husnaa...', enthralled the listeners with his performance.

While on the theatre side the first play showcased was ‘Epic Gadbad’ followed by ‘Spot On’, both of these plays were from Makarand Deshpande, ‘Epic Gadbad’ was a comic play that was enjoyed a lot by the audiences whereas spot on was a play that initiated the thought process for the spectators.Some other plays were‘the lesson’ a play by Sukant Goel was showcased followed by ‘An evening with Mrozek’ by Hiba Shah . On the last day of the festival, ‘The blank page’ by Sunil Shanbagh was presented which had various poems from various languages drafted together. It would be called an encapsulated form of poetry, play, and music.The specialty of the entire festival was that the situation in the country was also discussed in artistic way through songs, music, plays and discussions. Punarvasu had created a different atmosphere with the song 'Sau mein sattar aadmi, jab desh mein nashaad hai...'. In addition, the social scene was also introduced in the songs of the people. The program ended with the screening of the Assamese film 'Aamis'. 

They say Art is to inspire and this was an effort by Veda Factory to transcend and sustain the inspiration to the creative masses.

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