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We at Veda Co-works aim to amplify an environment that motivates a person to focus on distinguished aspects of work and build connections. We believe that the functionality of a working space should be independent as well as engaging and with this ideology, our ambiance is designed with the sense of providing an independent environment to diverse people of the working community while maintaining the comfort of individuality. We strive to offer the best experience for an individual as well as an organization through our services and amenities.

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We have an immense love for art and culture and that love is what transcends into our delicious treats. Veda cafe delivers a creative as well as peaceful ambiance with excellent food with aromatic food and lip-smacking taste. The Veda Cafe was born out of a passion for connecting artistic minds and creating a welcoming space that encapsulates moments of comfort and happiness.

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3x Veda Cafe Logo CMYK 06.10.22.png

Film Snoop is a paradise for people who are passionate about cinema and emerging talents to enhance their knowledge and skills by getting enlightened with the presence and interaction with Industry experts. Individuals can enhance their graph of understanding the skills and behavior of their niche through interview sessions, masterclasses, panel discussions, and film screenings.

Film snoop will act as an enlightening force for all the film enthusiasts

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Kunba is a dynamic tribe of independent filmmakers, writers, actors, crew,animators, industry,

and many more. We facilitate creativity in the film community by helping members connect and collaborate. An initiative that accelerates lots of ease amongst film enthusiasts to connect and explore their dreams. We define our existence as YOUR CHOSEN TRIBE!

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