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The journey of modern theatre in India

India is a nation of diversity, and the situation of modern theatre in India is quite diverse too. However, modern theatre in India is thriving and growing in popularity. There are many different companies and groups producing modern theatre, and there is a growing audience for this type of performance. Additionally, there are a number of training programs and schools available for those interested in becoming involved in theatre.

The story of modern theatre largely began in 1817, when King Krishnaraja Wodeyar III ascended the throne of Mysore and sanctioned English as the language to be taught in all schools within his kingdom is dated back to the playwright, Gurucharan Das.

Gurucharan Das is considered to be the father of modern theatre in India. He wrote and directed plays that incorporated elements of Indian mythology and culture, while also adding his own unique twist. His plays were popular and well-received by audiences, and his work helped to pave the way for future generations of Indian playwrights.

With the arrival of the British colonists in the late eighteenth century. The first professional theatre company in India was the Calcutta Theater Company, which was founded in 1792. The Bombay Theater Company followed it in 1807 and the Madras Theater Company in 1813. These companies primarily staged Western plays and musicals for the British colonists. The first Indian play to be staged by a professional theatre company was Ramvallabh's The Death of Darnath, which was performed by the Calcutta Theater Company in 1795. This was followed by several other Indian plays, including Shakuntala (1802), written by the Bengali poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt.

The arrival of professional theatre companies coincided with the growth of the urban middle class in India. This new class of Indians was eager to see their own culture and stories represented on stage. In the nineteenth century, several Indian playwrights emerged, including Girish Chandra Ghosh, Haridas Thakurdas, and Surendranath Ganguli.

The present situation of modern theatre in India is one of great vibrancy and diversity. There are a large number of professional theatre companies operating in the country, producing a wide range of work, from traditional forms to contemporary experimental theatre. Indian theatre is also making an increasingly significant contribution to the international theatre scene.


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