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How many Indian theatre plays have you read?- Part 2

The Indian theatre is a vibrant, diverse, and exciting world that has captivated audiences for centuries. There are many different genres to choose from, and each one has its own distinct style.

The list of the most famous and popular Indian plays is long and it includes many that have been written by well-known playwrights. These plays are often performed on stage, but they can also be read as books. The following list contains some of the best modern Indian theatre plays that are worth reading. Here we have listed some of the most popular and well-known plays that you can read.

Lehron ke Rajhans

This play is written by one of the greatest playwrights and the pioneer Mohan Rakesh. It was first performed in 1963. Lehron ke Rajhans is a dramatic retelling of a plot involving the mutual opposition of worldly pleasures and spiritual peace and the inevitable conflict of decision-making by the man standing between them. Another aspect of this conflict is the contradiction in the relationship between man and woman. It is an interesting story of self-awakening.

Pagla Ghoda

This play was written by the renowned playwright of India, Badal Sircar in the year 1960. The plot of this play revolves around four men gathered at a funeral of a woman who died by suicide because of her love. As the story moves further it deals with the facts about man-woman relationships and women's subjugation in a society that is highly dominant with patriarchy.

Gagan Damama Bajyo

This play is written by the famous dramatist, actor, and lyricist Piyush Mishra.

The setting of this play is situated in the pre-independence era. It focuses on revolutionary ideologies and the hardships faced by the people who are colonized. Piyush Mishra himself had done a lot of research and hard work for this play that a history book would have been made on Bhagat Singh, but he had to write a play that has its own structure, so he wrote the play Which presented a different palpable image of Bhagat Singh to our idolatrous mind.


This play is written by Mahesh Dattani, his plays majorly focus on the contemporary issues of society. The story revolves around twins who are born with three legs and they are connected to each other. Tara is a play in which the plot emphasizes the issue of gender discrimination. It's a heartwrenching yet beautiful piece of tragedy that evokes many emotions ranging from happiness to anger to sadness.

We hope that these picks would really impact your thoughts through their beauty and variations of their plot. As it is essential for every art enthusiast to feel every emotion depicted in every story.


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