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How many Indian theatre plays have you read?

How many Indian theatre plays have you read?

The theatre is a significant part of Indian culture. People go to the theatre to enjoy and learn about different cultures and share their own stories with others.

The best plays in India are those that tell stories about mythological characters as well as the lives of ordinary people, who are not famous or wealthy but still have their dreams and hopes. These plays are written by authors who understand how difficult life can be for many people, even if they don't have much money or power.

The best theatre plays in India are the ones that you can't forget. They're the ones that make you feel something--whether it's sadness, happiness, or anger. And they're the plays that leave you wanting more.

So what are the best theatre plays in India? Here are our top picks:

Shantata Court Chalu Aahe

Also known as Silence the Court is in Session is the famous play written by Vijay Tendulkar in 1963. The story of this play focuses on the situation of an independent woman in a patriarchal society. The play mainly revolves around gender discrimination.

Valmiki Pratibha

Rabindranath Tagore writes this play and the plot of this play revolves around a great sage and poet of Indian Mythology Valmiki. The Story talks about a great journey of a great sage to literary excellence.


This play is a masterpiece written by Girish Karnad. It is based on an episode of Mahabharata, Where a king of Hastinapur Yayati wastes his life in lust. Karnad himself played Yayati in this play.


It is a remarkable Play written by Safdar Hashmi which specifically focuses on feminity and especially a challenge to patriarchy. It is a story of a woman who lives in society and still faces a lot of prejudice around her.

We hope that these great stories will leave a great impact on different types of people of every generation. We feel that it is essential for theatre enthusiasts to read these masterpieces.


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