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Art needs space to breathe!

Mumbai has always been a place where art is celebrated in great splendor. When people think of the entertainment industry, this city has been a beacon for years, attracting audiences from all over the nation. Even though cinema has been in the limelight always but not to forget that Theatre has been ruling this city for decades and even centuries. Spectators are always attracted to this form of art even in the age of technology where content and entertainment can easily be consumed through minute and compact screens. But still, there are multiple problems faced by theatre artists, one of them being the scarcity of theatre spaces.

Due to the limited size of areas in Mumbai, there is a serious paucity of rehearsal spaces for theatre. The city is seeing a boom in theatre productions and a vast majority of them rehearse in poorly lit, cramped spaces that lack basic facilities. There are hardly any resources available for theatre groups and they have to be self-sufficient as they cannot count on any external support. There are no government-run theatre spaces in Mumbai and the only spaces that are available for hire are privately owned. These spaces are generally expensive and beyond the reach of many theatre groups. Theatre groups also face the problem of eviction from their rehearsal spaces. This is a common occurrence in Mumbai, where landlords often give short notice to tenancy agreement holders, resulting in groups losing their rehearsal spaces abruptly. This leads to a lot of inconvenience and financial loss for the groups as they have to shift to a new space and start from scratch.

This problem needs to be addressed and it's really important to take some measures to counter them. Everything takes time to improve as John Heywood said “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.We are glad that we are contributing to the cause of improving this problem. Situations will surely improve and art will keep transcending in heart of the masses through Theatre Community.


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